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The scooters 

Why Vietnam?

During the 1960s, Vietnam was the biggest export market for Piaggio (vespa) and Innocenti (lambretta).

We only restore genuine Italian built scooters - not the license built copies made in India or Indonesia. 

Italian scooters have been a regular site here since the early 1950s.

In most countries around the world, these scooters have been regarded as a throwaway item. Hence, earlier models are extremely rare and hard to find in restorable condition. In Vietnam, a 200% import duty on all new vehicles means that motorcycles and scooters are the main form of transport for most families. War has also devastated the Vietnamese economy - so it follows that older scooters are cherished and looked after like in no other country.

Scooters have played a major part in everyday life in Vietnam for generations


The most popular models we restore are the Vespa VBB and the Lambretta series 3 models.

These scooters are remarkably nippy and cruise comfortably at speeds of up to 58mph, making them ideal commuting vehicles. Both the Vespas and Lambrettas have high revving, quick accelerating 2 stroke engines, giving the unmistakable exhaust note that gave Vespa its name - the Italian word for Wasp.
With their unique stylish design, many of our customers choose to display them indoors as a piece of artwork, using them mainly for sunny summer touring! Either way, what you get is a depreciation-proof investment, along with the knowledge that you own one of the best classic scooters available worldwide.



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